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Electrical problems can happen at any time but as luck would have it they don’t usually occur during the day. Most often, electrical problems occur in the evening or at night. This makes it feel a lot worse than having an electrical problem during the day as no one wants to wait in the dark and cold until help arrives the next morning.

We have emergency electricians on call in Birmingham, 24 hours per day, 7days a week to assist you in case of an electrical emergency. Our team can quickly respond to any electrical issue, day or night and usually resolve your issue there and then.

What Emergency Electrician Service Do You Offer?

Our team have years experience in emergency call outs, so they can help you if your power goes out, if an alarm won’t stop ringing or a plug socket needs to be fixed quickly. They are equipped with the equipment they need to quickly diagnose the problem and will usually have the parts and the tools necessary to be able to fix your problem there and then.

The cost will be clearly stated as they walk you through the best and safest solution for your problem.

They can deal with any emergency, domestic or commercial. They can handle all types of emergencies, from replacing a fuse board to a complete emergency wiring.

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Commercial Emergency Electrician Birmingham

The majority of modern workplaces would not be able to operate without electricity. Electricity is needed for a variety of reasons, from running computers and other machines to providing access to premises via secure entry systems or to comply with safety regulations. Electrical emergencies can have disastrous effects on any business, resulting in severe income losses if not dealt with swiftly.

Our electricians have extensive experience in commercial emergency electrical situations and will be at your location to resolve the problem and get you up and running again in no time.

They are available 24/7 and will work with you to minimise the disruption to your business and keep your staff’s comfort and safety in mind.

Domestic Emergency Electrician In Your Birmingham House

Emergency electrical problems in the home can be a nightmare. The problem can range from not being able watch TV or use the internet, to your alarm system going off or not having heating or lights. A power outage can be devastating, if not dealt with quickly.

Our electricians understand that electrical emergencies in the home can be stressful. Therefore, they will do their best to resolve your problem as quickly and as clearly as possible.

When Should I Call An Emergency Electrician In Birmingham?

You decide what constitutes an emergency electrical situation! An oven socket that is not working properly can be an emergency if you’re planning to host a dinner party. It can be disastrous if your office has a single light out. There is no job too small or big for our team.

However, in some situations you will need to call an emergency electrician as your electrical system has become unsafe for you, family members or staff. You should immediately turn off the power and call if you smell burning or see smoke coming out of a socket.

A buzzing or humming noise from your consumer unit is a cause for concern as it may indicate a more serious problem that could be dangerous, soy should call. A total loss of power can be dangerous if, for instance, it affects your heating system or if there are vulnerable individuals in your premises.

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What Are The Qualifications Of Your Electricians?

Our emergency electricians are all fully qualified and insured and are registered with NICEIC. They all work to the latest health and safety guidelines.

How Soon Will An Emergency Electrician Arrive To Help Me?

We have emergency electricians throughout the entire West Midlands area who are available to attend to any electrical emergency. Most of the time, they will be at your location within an hour.

What If They Are Not Able To Solve My Electrical Problem Immediately?

They always aim to fix any electrical issue during the call-out. However, there are times when this just isn’t possible. This could be due to the fact that new parts are needed and they are only available during work hours.

In this case, they will ensure that your property is safe and give you advice on how to make you and your family or staff feel comfortable while they get the part to fix the problem. In most cases they are able return to fix any issue within 24 hrs.

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Emergency Electrical Services Frequently Asked Questions

Is a burnt socket an emergency?

An urgent situation is one that is considered to be a safety hazard, potentially resulting in fire. Emergency electricians often get sent out to help consumers that call about a burned outlet. Smoke and fire-stained outlets should not be ignored because we've seen these situations turn into much more serious matters.

What do electricians charge per hour UK?

The average hourly rate for an electrician in the UK is £37 per hour. If you have an emergency or a small electrical job then you will hire an electrician by the hour. Ask your electrician if there are any other charges such as; a call out fee, parking charges, additional materials and collection etc.

Do all electricians charge a call out fee?

Electrician call-out fee Most electricians require a call-out fee to cover the cost of their travel, as well as the time to inspect the problem.

Who do you call for an electrical emergency?

I've got an electrical emergency. What should I do? If you've got an electrical emergency or you lose power, you'll need to contact your electricity network operator. In the event of an electrical emergency or power outage please call 105 to be put through to your local electricity network operator.

How do I report bad electrical work UK?

Contact your Local Authority Building Control department to report the non-compliant or un-safe electrical work in your home: www.gov.uk/find-local-council They have powers to take enforcement action against the unregistered electrician.

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